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Kids First is a children’s rights organization. Founded two decades ago, we work to strengthen families through education and advocacy. For the child’s benefit, we favor parenting education before and during marriage, as well as for parents who are unwed, separated, or divorced. We at Kids First favor family formation and preservation; however, there are times when families break up or are never formed. In these instances, we work with the parents to help them improve the quality of the parental relationship by reducing conflict and impressing upon them the importance of providing a nurturing, non-threatening environment for their children. In this environment, children are better able to cope with the changes in their family structure and establish the paternal bonds with parents and family members. In this effort, Kids First has developed the Co-parenting Course to enable parents, step-parents, grandparents, and others to put their Kids First. We have also put this course online in a user-friendly way to make the course more convenient than ever before for parents and guardians.

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As a legal professional, you understand the need to help parents going through the divorce process learn how to build a constructive co-parenting relationship. If you are a legal professional, please learn more about the Kids First program and how we can help you. If you would like access to our attendance records, please contact our office to access these online. Kids First offers legal professionals the ability to review our course for free so you are able to experience what your local families will be participating in. We also offer you the ability to customize our class specific to your counties/states needs. If you are interested in adding additional text or topics, just let us know and our team will be happy to structure our course to meet the needs of your county.

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