Meet Sherry Chambliss

Sherry Chambliss, founder of Kids First Co-Parenting program, has been helping individuals, couples, and families face the challenges of divorce for over twenty years. Her advice is based on the first hand, up close experiences as a licensed therapist and court appointed custody evaluator. She saw the problems that families face as they try to navigate through divorce and visitation and the changes those events can bring. She is currently available for individual telephone consultations for your specific divorcing situation. Whether you want to heal your hurt, heal your relationship, or create a plan of action, Ms. Chambliss can support you in handling this time in your life.

Contact Sherry Today

Sherry has a passion for helping families and with over 20 years experience, she’s definitely a good starting point. She started the Kids First Co-Parenting program to help parents and their relationships. She’s confident, kind, and loving. The last thing you need to do is hesitate. Mail: Phone: (361) 799-9490

Why Consider a Consultation?

Parents request divorce consultations for issues such as:

  • How to help your children through this time
  • Dealing with a difficult spouse
  • Child behavior problems
  • Developing a co-parenting plan
  • Stressful visitation
  • Grieving issues
  • Parental alienation issues
  • Strategies to help divorcing adults sever marital bonds

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