Affiliate Program

What We Do

We assume the following day-to-day responsibilities of the program while allowing you to maintain your identity in the community. Our job:

  • Register participants on a toll-free number
  • Answer most frequently asked questions
  • Maintain a website for schedules and registration information
  • Provide a class roster and certificates for participants
  • Develop, print and mail flyers to attorneys, mental health counselors, mediators, and clerks of court
  • Accept major credit cards over the phone or website for participant payment

Why do we do this? We want our course to be the farthest reaching course, because we are confident that it works.

What You Do

Our program, Kids First Co-Parenting Program, created by Sherry Chambliss, MS, LPC-S, has been successfully implemented in Texas and approved in all 50 states. If you are a mental health professional and would like to become a facilitator for our program in your area, this program is for you! You will receive:

  • A user-friendly and step-by-step Facilitator’s Guide
  • Easy to understand participant workbooks in English and/or Spanish
  • Customizable content for your State, Judicial Circuit, or County

The Kids First co-parenting class is experiential and personalized. There are quizzes, group discussion, and role-playing exercises. The workbooks will contain attached pages, including an evaluation form and a demographic questionnaire to be completed by each participant.

  The Kids First program helps parents to:

  • Focus on the needs of their children during the divorce process and years to follow
  • Recognize that they will be in each other’s lives forever
  • Focus on the skills needed to avoid putting children in the middle of their own conflict issues
  • Understand the financial responsibilities of parenting
  • Recognize that children need an ongoing relationship with both of their parents
  • Be aware that it is imperative for their children and expedient for them, to act respectfully toward each other

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